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At the start of 2022, Rami was very clear to me that her goal this year was to be able to do at least one pull up.

So I wrote a program that was personalized for her goals, making sure we go through the small steps and progressions to get her there.
We had to pause the program a couple of times due to holidays and covid. But we always went straight back to where we left off. And now, we’ve finally reach her goal 😍

Pull ups are not easy, it takes time, a lot of patient, hard work and consistency.

Thank you for being patient and trusting me for many years :) 😘

Next step: Better quality pull up & 3 reps by the end of this year 😛

If you have a health & fitness goal, and not sure where to start, DM me or @thebarbkk for more information 😇

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