TONIGHT! My journey and story about my advocacy towards social Egg Freezing in Singapore. The first telecast of Talking Point will be on Channel5 9.30pm. The first telecast on CNA will be on Sunday, 28 May at 10.30pm (Singapore time).
Elective egg freezing will be allowed in Singapore on July 1 for women aged 21 to 37. With singles being allowed to go through the procedure without needing a medical reason. Honestly, why cap it at 37? I got my best batch of eggs at 39! It’s not good enough Singapore. As happy as I am that finally all this advocating has paid off and my government has heard us, I still believe and will still continue to push that we should not be capped at age to freeze our eggs. If birth rate is at an all time low in our country why not open up our options and allow us to decide when the time is right for OUR bodies?! #socialeggfreezing #singapore

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