Had to post this! Gosh I was so nervous 🥹 thank you @loicprigent for being so sweet and patient! Hope you all enjoyed listening to this :) ใครยังไม่ได้ไปฟังญ่า ไปให้กำลังใจญ่าในยูทูบด้วยพลีสสสส อยากรู้ว่าทุกคนชอบกันมั้ยยย 🫶🏼✨ link นี้นะคะ อิอิ https://youtu.be/drIfrbpx0Fo?si=UGfSPMJNDUN2J-xu

Louis Vuitton [Extended] — The Podcast: Episode 8. While embracing new roles in her acting career, House Ambassador Urassaya Sperbund reveals how she seamlessly melds with her characters, epitomizing a rare authenticity and sincerity. Listen to the latest episode on all streaming platforms or via link in bio.

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