the making of « DANCING ON A GRAVEYARD »
Normally, I would write from a very personal story but this time it’s more of a concept. As you can see, it changed every time we work on it. It’s probably because I was trying to find the right sound to it and I wanted to do something new for me. We had so many versions. It’s ridiculous. Honestly, I was struggling a little bit with this song. But to see it’s becoming what it is now, I’m so proud of it. It is what it suppose to be and more. I had the most talented people working on it with me. Now that I look back at the process although it seems stressful but once it’s done, it was actually really fun. I hope you all enjoy this sad bop(well I hope it’s a bop🥰). And hope I get to perform it live to you very soon.💃

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