Top 5 International schools in Thailand

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            International schools in Thailand are found in every region of Thailand. which is considered a great advantage because it helps to spread the prosperity of the language to cover all areas But we already know that international schools are quite expensive because the school itself has the cost of hiring foreigners to teach. If anyone is thinking of looking for an international school in Bangkok that focuses on English for their children. to develop language skills Today we have gathered information about international schools in our home for you.
Top 5 International schools in Thailand
            1. Harrow International School Bangkok operates under the goal of Educational Excellence for Life and Leadership, which emphasizes excellence in education. Along with doing extracurricular activities and home group activities To encourage students to study and develop ideas for the ultimate goal.
            2. Shrewsbury International School divides students into 6 parts: Early Years Foundation Stage and 5 Key Stages. Upon completion of Key Stage 2 or Year 6, students progress to secondary school at Shrewsbury Riverside Campus. at all
            3. Brighton College Bangkok has a teaching and learning system in the English curriculum, using the IGCSE (The International General Certificate of Secondary Education) and A Level systems to apply for admission to leading universities around the world. It is a leading school in Bangkok. Focus on finding natural, real talents and interests. give freedom of thought develop skills and balance student areas Children of famous people who study here include Nong Nirin, daughter of Khun Ning Panita Thammawatana, also attending this school.
            4. Ruamrudee International School (RIS) has a teaching and learning model. be american It offers classes from Pre-School to Grade 12. It has been focusing on nurturing inspiring ideas and experiences for students since 1957, for more than 65 years. Studying here, Nong Taengthai, daughter of Mr. Jazz Chuanchuen, is also studying here.
            5. BASIS International School Bangkok is the 35th international school in the BASIS Curriculum network of schools. BASIS Curriculum has been developed over 20 years and has a history of innovation and recognition. BASIS Curriculum builds on the principle that students develop. themselves when meeting the appropriate challenge. It aims to help each child achieve their true potential. The comprehensive international curriculum provides a stimulating learning environment to instill a love for learning. The BASIS Curriculum begins at Pre K1 and finishes at Grade 12.

            And this is the top 5 International school in Thailand that we have gathered information for today. For those who are looking for an international school for their children to want their children to learn English, they can go into more details. But I would like to recommend that you choose a school that has expenses at the level that we can afford.
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